I run Virtual PA Services as a Caribbean-based Virtual Consultant. I provide professional administrative, technical, creative and business support to busy entrepreneurs, executives, consultants and small business owners.

Outsourcing admin tasks to me can make you flexible and will save your time, increase your costs effectiveness, cut NIS and PAYE costs. You will no longer have to deal with employment costs like holidays, sickness, pensions or training.

I am self-motivated, highly organized individual who takes on tasks that are eating up too much of your own time or tasks that you simply don’t want to do so you get to focus on the things that are important to you such as developing and growing your business.


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Do You Need A Personal or Virtual Assistant?

Wondering whether you need a personal assistant or a virtual assistant? You are not alone. Many people are confused by the differences. Traditionally a PA only handled matters of the home and personal life. That could be event planning, arranging travel, taking care of the household repairs, car maintenance, banking and so on. Things have … Continue reading Do You Need A Personal or Virtual Assistant?

How to run a webinar and actually look and sound like a Pro.

Good webinars can be a little like independent movies – they leave you feeling wonderful, inspired, and ready to take on the world. Bad webinars, however, are more like Michael Bay movies – after two hours, you begin to wonder how somebody could have possibly been paid to make something so unapologetically terrible. Here are … Continue reading How to run a webinar and actually look and sound like a Pro.

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